Marcinkiewicz walczy o Wartosci

Co o Polsce sobie myśli mój kolega po fachu odbierający w jakimś normalnym kraju taką oto depeszę Associated Press?

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ A white scarf was discretely added over an artist’s depiction of a mermaid with an exposed breast on a poster advertising the 2006 Miss World contest, after officials in Warsaw’s conservative administration deemed it too suggestive, the artist’s agent said Wednesday. (…) Tadeusz Deszkiewicz, head of Warsaw city hall’s promotion bureau, told The Associated Press that there is *no doubt that Olbinski’s original version was strongly erotic and we did not want to attach such aspect to the Miss World contest.* (…) Warsaw’s acting mayor is former Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, whose Law and Justice party espouses conservative moral values such as no sex outside marriage and strict controls on abortion.

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